Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Friends Bring Sunshine...

"Even when it rains outside, there is light."
That's a line from a song called "Someone Watching Over You" by Yolanda Adams. I thought about it as I looked out the window at the rainy and gloomy day. What a contrast to the bright blinding sunshine yesterday. Still, the weather doesn't change my outlook. I am sooo blessed! Right now, I want to mention that I am thankful for friends. All of them are wonderful, but some of them send me cards recently. The other stuff is from Juliet, and Chris and Arnetta. I am soo blessed! Thank you all!!
This first card was sent to me by Monica. She chose a card that uses three of my favorite SU colors and one of my favorite SU stamp sets.

This next on is from Dina, sent all the way from Indonesia. I love the image and the colors on this too! I'll let you read all about it here on her blog.
This card makes me want to buy a background stamp. I love the colors here too. Even if there isn't any purple.
This last one if from Staci. My most favorite Stampin Up dealer. Staci was my friend before she became my Stampin Up dealer.--I mean my most favorite Stampin Up dealer. Staci sent me this card to thank me for helping her to make a car payment last month. ;)

No cards from me right now, I had a really busy day yesterday, and today I am exhausted. I still have to finish that Cheer Bag card I started last week. The End of Year Cheer Banquet is tomorrow so I HAVE to finish it today. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the RAKs I've received in the past few days. If I, no when I, finish the Cheer Bag Card, I'll take a picture of it and show you.
Have a blessed day!

ETA: I meant to tell you that today, Ann and I are finally going to do lunch! Remember the Ann that I met on the Gingerwood board. I talked about Ann back in January.

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Beautiful work and a beautiful home. Love the sheer window curtains!