Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the case of the disappearing hamburgers...

I stamped this card's background last night. (Real Red ink on Real Red Cardstock) I was satisfied with it so I went to bed. When I came down this morning, the background had disappeared?? What you see here is what I stamped this morning(Memories Barn Red) hoping that the darker red would show better-- but it happened again! So I picked up a sponge and inked it (Fresco Medici Marble) I'm not crazy about the results, but maybe by the time I actually need to use it (Father's Day, Summer Cookout invitation ) I'll like it. Of course I had to make cards from all the images I colored last week. If you want to see any of these up close and personal, just click on it.

The blue one is my favorite! The paisley background and squares background were embossed with Ellison Big Shot Texture plates.

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Karen said...

That is funny. I love the grillmaster!